Guided tours

Captivating stories, amazing background information and funny anecdotes – guided tours are anything but dry. You get fascinating insights into the life of a vibrant city, where people have been seeking their fortune for over a thousand years.

Industry and monument

Art and culture

City and adventure

Leisure and recreation, tours for children

Company tours

City history, culture, leisure, workplaces – there is hardly any area for which there is no guided tour in Duisburg. Something that began as a purely informative experience – with the classic port tour or a visit to the ThyssenKrupp plant – has now become an exciting leisure event. There are costume tours, tours in the footsteps of Horst Schimanski as well as entertaining guided tours conducted in the Ruhr dialect. Sporty visitors can discover the city by bike or Segway and those of a romantic disposition will love the nighttime illuminations in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord or the unique Tiger & Turtle roller coaster sculpture. The kids aren’t short-changed either: they can learn some fascinating facts with Duisburg’s famous cartographer ‘Gerry’ Mercator.

The dates and times of the tours are provided on the respective pages that provide further details. However, you can also book individual times for groups (guided tours in other languages are also possible). Call us on: +49 (0)203 285 440.

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