Gerhard Mercator

Join Gerhard Mercator, the famous cartographer and astronomer, on a tour of medieval Duisburg, his home and workplace for many years.

The famous cartographer

Gerhard Mercator, who was born as Gerhard Kremer in Rupelmonde in Belgium in 1512, will have a lot to tell you about his work and life in Duisburg on the tour.



German, English

Duration and price

Gerhard Mercator EUR 170.00 / group (classic guide) or EUR 190,00 / group (costume guide) (in German language EUR 130.00 / group (classic guide) or EUR 150.00 / group (costume guide))

2 hours, max. of 25 persons


We recommend a visit to Kultur- und Stadthistorisches Museum Duisburg for an additional EUR 4.50 per person.

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