enigmania® Escape Games

Do you want to dive into a world of new challenges and adventures?
Escape rooms of the latest generation await you right in the centre of Duisburg.

Exciting adventures in cinematic settings

You enter a room. The door closes. You have only 60 minutes to complete your mission... but how? By combining hidden clues and solving exciting tasks. Good teamwork will help you with this challenge!
As the largest Escape Room provider in North Rhine-Westphalia, we offer those who love to play the game the opportunity to act in more than 8 different scenarios indoors & outdoors and experience exciting adventures.
The cinematic settings alone, with adventurous titles such as "The Ghost Ship" or "Prison Break", make a visit an unforgettable experience.
Your everyday life remains behind the doors of the Escape Rooms. Are you ready for this kind of thrills? Then join your friends, family and colleagues on a cinematic adventure.

Indoor Escape Games

Prison Break

Do you have an escape artist in you? Then find the clues hidden from guards, solve the puzzles and escape before you get caught!

Sherlock Holmes

A series of murders is shaking 19th century London. Can you find a clue that will lead you to the brutal killer?

Die Zauberschule (The magic school)

The magical world is on the brink of destruction - dark forces are once again grabbing power! Can you ensure its survival?

Das Geisterschiff (The Ghost Ship)

In your quest for adventure, you will come across a long-forgotten ghost ship that is said to contain all the incredible riches and treasures of South America. Can you successfully recover the treasure?

Outdoor Escape Game

Passenger X (only in German)

Passenger X has travelled illegally into the past. Take up the pursuit and prevent a fatal intervention in contemporary history - the future is in your hands.


on request during opening hours: Mon - Sun: 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.; 365 days a year

Meeting point

Königstraße 39 (in the CityPalais), 47051 Duisburg

Duration and price

Indoor: 60 minutes; Outdoor: approx. 180 minutes;
From EUR 85.00 for 2 persons. Each additional person EUR 23.00.


For small and large groups from 2 - 35 people indoors, up to 1,000 people outdoors

The Indoor Escape games can be played in German and in English.

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